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380193: Passive Component LCR Meter

Measures Inductance, Capacitance, and Resistance with secondary parameter (Q,D,R)

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Simultaneous 20,000/10,000 count display of the primary parameter (L, C or R)
Secondary parameter of Q (quality), D (dissipation) or R (resistance)
Set Hi/Lo limits using absolute values or percentage limits
Parallel or Series equivalent circuit
Automatic blown fuse indication
Built-in test fixture or use external test leads

Additional information


2000.0µH, 20.000mH, 200.00mH, 2000.0mH 20.000H, 200.00H, 2000.0H, 10000H


2000.0pF, 20.000nF, 200.00nF, 2000.0nF, 20.000µF, 200.00µF, 2000.0µF


20.000Ω, 200.00Ω, 2.0000kΩ, 20.000kΩ, 200.00kΩ, 2.0000MΩ, 20.000MΩ

DF (with C)

0 to 0.9999


0 to 9999


7.56×3.58×2.1" (19.2×9.1×5.25cm) / 12.87oz (365g)

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