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60120B: Mini pH Electrode (10x120mm)

General purpose, mini size glass bulb pH sensing electrode

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The 60120B is a pH Electrode. This electrode fits virtually any pH meter that accepts a BNC connector. Features a 0 to 80°C operating temperature, 0 to 14pH range, and a glass pH sensing bulb surrounded by protective teeth.

Additional information


Mini combination pH electrode with sealed gelled reference filling solution and detachable bulb guard


10 x 126 mm

Construction material

Polymer housing, glass bulb

Measuring range

0 to 14.0 pH units

Temp. range


Reference type

Ag/AgCl (silver silver chloride)

Isopotential point

~7.0 pH


0.02 pH units



Cable length

1 meter (39”)

Storage container


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