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Extech 412300A: Current Calibrator/Meter

Precision source for calibrating process devices and measuring DC process signals

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412300A is a Current Calibrator and Meter. Precision “source” for calibrating process devices and measuring DC process signals from 0 to 24mA with a super large LCD that displays readings in mA, as a percent of the 0 to 24mA range or as mV in voltage ranges. Additional features include Touch Keypad, five stored calibration values for fast calibrations, and 24VDC power to measure two-wire current loops. Complete with 9V Battery, calibration cable with spade lug terminals, carrying case, neck strap, and AC Power Adapter.

Additional information


Output 0 to 24mA current for loads up to 1000 ohms


0 to 50mA current signal


Provides power (24VDC) to loop & measures current


Ranges and Display Resolution -25.0 to 125.0% (representing 0 to 24mA) 0.1% 0 to 19.99mA 0.01mA 0 to 24.0mA 0.1mA 0 to 1999mV 1mV 0 to 20.00V 10mV


0.075% ±1 digit


3.8 x 4.2 x 1.8" (96 x 108 x 45mm) folded/ 12oz (340g)

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